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Impose has the first listen to Roger Sellers’ brand new single, Lates!

“Lates” is meandering and atmospheric, echoing the larger climate of the album. Still, it features a strong driving melody that delivers a sustained feeling of relief. The track starts out serene with the hushed energy of a keyboard and Sellers’ breezy voice floating above.”

Listen now on Impose. 

Entertainment Weekly just premiered Sondre Lerche’s new video for “Legends”—Watch the dance magic happen!

Watch it via EW HERE

NPR First Listen is streaming Sondre Lerche’s “Please” (9/23, Mona Records)!

Hear it first via NPR HERE

The Examiner Reviewed Fox and the Law’s ‘Stoned to Death’ and Was Blown Away!

"Pile Driving Drums, fuzzed out reverb soaked guitars powered by over saturated tube amps and wailing, yelping vocals with just the right mixture of adolescent angst and testosterone fueled bravado, delivered by four wide eyed young bucks from the northwest who are on a mission to save the Seattle sound."

Read the rest over at THE EXAMINER!

Have you heard Jesse Marchant’s amazing Daytrotter session?

Marchant writes with the conviction of a man in winter, who’s seen the thaw, the growing season, the harvest and what all became of it. He’s got that cool advantage of time and distance that brings about a chilly air. “ Hear it HERE

Under The Radar just premiered Sallie Ford’s awesome in-studio video for “Coulda Been”!

Slap Back, her new LP on Vanguard, will be out 10/14. Watch Sallie & her new band rip it up HERE.

Consequence of Sound Caught Up With The Growlers in Chicago!


"As for the music, the group’s self-prescribed “beach goth” label is all too fitting, with songs like “One Million Lovers” for a late-night beach party — the ones at, say, four in the morning featuring you and a bottle of whiskey. Altogether, the set was quite enthralling and dominated every fan and casual observer to create a mini-society of genuine mutual appreciation."

Check out more photos and the complete show review on Consequence of Sound!

Tuscon Weekly Talks With Sebadoh About Songwriting and Their New Record ‘Defend Yourself.’

"We’ve always functioned as a backing band for whoever writes the song," Barlow explains. "I give myself to Jason’s vision and he does the same with mine. I wouldn’t call it yin and yang, but there is a swing between the two, the two musical identities."

Read on at Tuscon Weekly.

Brian Caesar from Slow Motion Picture Talked to MTV About U2’s Controversial New Album

“I feel that U2 releasing any album, good or bad, for free, sets a precedent that can’t be matched by bands without a million dollars in their pocket,” Brian Caesar of the band Slow Motion Picture told MTV News. “I just spent several years writing and recording a full length and invested a ton of money in something that I truly believed in. Having U2 come out with yet another formulaic record and charge nothing for it makes my charging $9 seem a bit over-priced.”

Read the full post over at MTV

Chimurenga Renaissance Was Featured as Band of the Day!

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