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Wondering Sound just shared the new song from Dana Falconberry and wrote some beautiful things about it!

The song sounds like a lullaby, Falconberry seeing mountains at night and the painted sea during the day, cataloging cities that pass before her eyes then vanish. It’s a song about the sorrow that comes with rootlessness, its deep-blue synthetic instrumentation adding to its quiet, dreamlike feel.”

Listen on Wondering Sound.

Kithkin’s “Altered Beast” is KEXP’s song of the day!!!!

"If there’s a band more explosively singular in the Pacific Northwest than Kithkin, then the Cascadian “treepunk” quartet are just doing a better job of spreading their gospel of percussive, visceral rock. Since the band’s February 2011 formation at Seattle University, Kelton Sears, Ian McCutcheon, Alex Barr, and Bob Martin have crafted a sprawling mythology to accompany their musical exploits."

Read the rest and listen to “Altered Beast” over at KEXP

Check Out The Lowest Pair Just Featured on The Bomber Jacket!

Instead of dueling it out, The Lowest Pair picks banjos and sings in perfect equilibrium. Despite the duo’s midwestern origins and current home base of Olympia, Washington, their music is coated in the sparkling dewdrops of the Appalachian dawn.”

Read on at The Bomber Jacket. 

Electric Bare Shared Mimicking Birds’ New Single ‘Bloodlines.’

"The opening distorted guitar plays less like a traditional rock-instrument and more like a wind chime ringing above a familiar porch seen through the hazy periphery of recollection."

Listen now on Electric Bare. 

Read Spin’s Interview with Dinosaur Jr. About Their New Book And The Early Days of Being A Band.

I guess I’m the pessimist because even though I believed in J and his vision, I was really amazed that we’d got to that point to make a record. I remember getting the test pressing and being shocked and thinking ‘Wow … we actually got this far! We made a record!’ because I didn’t think we’d get there.”

Read the complete interview over on Spin. 

Washington CityPaper digs this Caribbean remix

Eastman overhauls the Caribbean's “Imitation Air” into a steely dance groove with scant vocals, completely gutting the original song's woozy guitar chords and quirky narrative. Eastman spins a pulsating tune of metallic synths, making this remix a nice soundtrack for the weekend's club outings.”

Read about it on Washington CityPaper

Check Out The Guardian’s Review of Simone Felice’s Live Performance!

Yet with his intense stare, careworn voice and knack for talk-singing, Felice is a master at creating a palpable sense of intimacy, which is a pretty sexy trick for any performer. Two brushes with death, two decades apart, also appear to have instilled in him an appealing fearlessness.”

Keep reading on The Guardian. 

ANIMAL praises Cex’s Shamaneater!

"Each of the record’s 12 tracks of skittering, sprawling electronica, lovingly crafted with outdated digital hardware, corresponds to a level in the game. Taken as a whole, the album is a stiff-upper-lip elegy to a bygone gaming era and a rumination on the alarming rate at which technology fades away."

Read about it on Animal New York

When You Motor Away loves Doug Gillard’s “Parade On”!

Doug Gillard’s latest work, Parade On, is a solo album, and when he says “solo” he means it. Apparently he created almost every sound on this record. He’s played on a dizzying number of projects, always bringing guitar wizardry and a terrific melodic sense. This album is a logical step in his musical development, featuring as it does a wide variety of classic rock and postpunk sounds”

Read about it on When You Motor Away.

CMT Edge just debuted the brand new single from Melaena Cadiz! Hear “Swinging Low” off her upcoming album, ‘Deep Below Heaven!’

The melody of Melaena Cadiz’s “Swinging Low” is cheerful and bright, yet the lyrics aren’t quite as upbeat. Listen closely, and you’ll notice that somebody’s world is collapsing.”

Listen now on CMT Edge.