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Ghettoblaster is excited about Eyelids’ full-length, out 10/14 via Jealous Butcher and Burger Records!

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Stereogum has the lead single off Angelo De Augustine’s debut album ‘Spirals Of Silence.’

He writes and performs with an assurance that belies his quivering delivery, so much so that he seems capable of leveling a city block with nothing but a weary sigh. In bedroom-recorded debut Spirals Of Silence, De Augustine’s got a whole arsenal of sublimely beautiful lo-fi folk lullabies at his disposal.”

Listen now on Stereogum.

NYLON wrote their own mini-editions of 33 1/3 books—learn which albums they picked!

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Buzzbands LA Caught The Wild Reeds at Way Over Yonder Last Week! Apparently Lisa Bonet Did Too! (!?!?!)

"The youngest band on the lineup, this Los Angeles folk quintet had three female lead singers harmonizing songs of heartbreak, dreams and loneliness, wailing from the depths of softly trampled souls. What was even better, the first two rows of the audience consisted entirely of little kids swaying back and forth like they knew all the world’s sorrows. Best interaction: Singer: “Y’all know what it feels like to go crazy? Then you think, maybe you’re not crazy?” Child responds: “I am,” and he really meant it. As a bonus, half of these beautiful children in the audience seemed to belong to Lisa Bonet, standing behind them."

Check out the pics over at BUZZBANDS LA!

Examiner calls Sondre Lerche’s Please “cathartic” and “catchy”…

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Slate gets Andrew WK to dish about 33 1/3 Books!

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DecayFM Gave a Very Thoughtful Review of Slow Motion Picture’s Upcoming Album, ‘In Memory Of…’

"Drop the needle on Slow Motion Picture’s In Memory Of…, and you may wonder where you are. “Opening” begins as elegy and climaxes as a dream-inflected anthem. Right out of the gate, you know this is going to be an ambitious project. The sound is both woozy and immense.”

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L.A. Record Took Some Great Pics of The Wild Reeds at Way Over Yonder

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Brooklyn Vegan just debuted Roger Sellers’ new album, Primitives, out next tuesday on Punctum Records,!


"Austin musician Roger Sellers makes intricately layered music, part aural soundscapes a la Tangerine Dream, part savvy pop. His new album, Primitives, is out next week (9/30) and is gorgeous stuff. Songs melt into the next, creating a true album experience that’s best heard all at once.”

Listen to the full record on Brooklyn Vegan! 

The Chicago Tribune Talks Sebadoh with Lou Barlow!

"When there’s too much of a push and pull (between band members), it’s not the most commercially advisable thing to do. We always really love the push and the pull.

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