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Brooklyn Vegan has the first listen to the incredible compilation of Further’s singles titled “Where Were You Then?”


"Having survived life in slick major label band Shadowland in the late ’80s, the Rademakers discovered Dinosaur Jr and did a sonic about-face, releasing a string of singles and albums from 1992 - 1996 on labels like Bongload (home of Beck’s "Loser") and Creation imprint Ball."

Listen now on Brooklyn Vegan! 

Roz and The Ricecakes Announce New Tour Dates!

Check them out on their website!

Read this fantastic feature on the 33 1/3 Book Series in The LA Times Book Review!

33 1/3 — which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September with its 100th title (Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” by Susan Fast) — offered everything Barker thought was missing from music in the digital era: affirmation of the belief that an album is not a collection of music tracks but a painstakingly sequenced narrative that rewards careful, repeated listening. It was also a category of objects that could be owned, curated and displayed.”…Read more HERE

Tiny Mix Tapes just premiered David Vandervelde’s SWOONY new dream jam, “One More Time”

Hear it here first! “Shadow Sides” is out 9/9 via Secretly Canadian, Park the Van Records & Management and BURGER RECORDS!

Wondering Sound has the first listen to a brand new Alex Napping single, ‘Catcalls.’

“Catcalls,” from Alex Napping’s excellent This Is Not a Bedroom LP, is about booty calls, though it’s also fun to imagine the lyrics being about actual cats, specifically the feral ones that have screaming matches on my Brooklyn street super-late at night.”

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Noisey Caught Up With Monomyth At Their Nova Scotia Show.

As I walked back up the stairs just in time to catch Monomyth’s first song, the once segregated room of showgoers and skateboarders quickly began merging into one giant room of heavy hearts and big smiles.”

Read on about the show over on Noisey!

Tiny Mix Tapes has the scoop on the upcoming Sebadoh tour!

To maximize the swirling memories of Sebadoh’s heyday, the group is co-headlining a handful of dates in October with fellow alt-era icon Thurston Moore. If you are looking to get into an argument with a stranger about 120 Minutes orNo Alternative, consider attending these shows.”

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Aquarium Drunkard Chats With Ray Raposa About The New Castanets Record.

"Decimation Blues demonstrates the sprawling approach that defines Castanets. Booming bass and Rhodes piano open the album with “It’s Good to Touch You in the Sunlight,” employing a gentle ramble that is quickly disrupted by the twitching “Be My Eyes,” where Raposa’s vocals are filtered through disorienting effects.”

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Stereogum Revisits Sebadoh’s ‘Bakesale’ On Its 20th Anniversary.

If there’s a Sebadoh album for a neophyte to begin with, this is likely it. It doesn’t have the highs of Bubble & Scrape, nor the epochal status of Sebadoh III, but Bakesale is the record you’ll find yourself captivated by most immediately, listening to from start to finish.”

Read on at Stereogum. 

The Stranger Did a Thoughtful Profile on Chimurenga Renaissance in Their 2014 Bumbershoot Guide!

"The moment of chimurenga is when the living Luke hears the voice of the dead Obi-Wan—chimurenga opens the world of the living to that of the dead. And it’s not just the dead appearing to the living, but also the living turning to the dead to ask for assistance. The dead can see things that the living can’t. The dead can scan the future horizons above the confines of time. If the spirits do not call you, then you must call them. This is why the title of Chimurenga Renaissance’s debut album, which was released in March of this year, is riZe vadZimu riZe, which means: Rise, spirits, rise."

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